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Fiesta Smart Mobility Private Limitedpreviously ("Fiesta Car Rentals & Logistics Pvt. Ltd.") was founded in 1998 with the ultimate aim to provide comprehensive and integrated end-to-end transportation services to the corporate sector of the country. We initially commenced our operations in Chennai and later expanded to other southern metro cities. Fiesta Smart Mobility firm is driven by our strict adherence to innovative, cost-effective and customer-centric methods. This has acquired us the trust and faith of our esteemed customers whom we continue to service with Quality and Commitment.

Fiesta understands that fulfilling the customer’s requirements involves comprehending the most lucid and also the most enigmatic necessities and walking the extra mile to meet them. We place the interests and anticipations of our customers as our goal to meet, and work relentlessly to provide services to surpass the expectations.

We are sure that this journey of faith and mutual understanding we nurture with our customers would grow in the years to come.

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1.2 Billion
Annual turnover achieved
Trips Per Day across India
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Fiesta operates with the soul objective of transporting its customers to their destinations on time, every time. We maintain a fleet of latest vehicles which operate with maximum efficiency due to the excellent maintenance and periodic service. We recruit, train and retain the best manpower for quality service and utmost care for our customers need. With best operational vehicles and excellent service by qualified professionals Fiesta ensures timely service to clients. Harnessing the benefits of latest technology we ensure that our drivers are always connected to the customer and keep them informed about their operations. Fiesta empowers its drivers with a unique web application that enables GPS tracking of locations, Navigation with Maps, and efficient handling of emergency situations. With the best fleet, efficient manpower and latest technology Fiesta adds value to every customer.

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