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Car Rental - why choose us

Why choose Fiesta?

At Fiesta Car Rentals & Logistics Pvt Ltd, we give you innumerable reasons to choose from our list of Services. Reliability mixed with immaculate service is our trademark; our speciality is an Innovative approach to Customer management, and the following contribute to our expertise-

Over a Decade of Experience,

We started operations in 1998 and turned a Pvt Limited Company in 2006 - A significant duration of Industry experience and operational expertise backs our dominant presence today.

Provides End to End Transport Management,

Fiesta answers all your transport related queries. Spell out your express requirement and we will have a solution that works best for you. We have covered every available option that is a sub-set of either Car Renting or any other transport related Logistical undertaking.

Proactive Management team with above-par Industry knowledge,

As much as we invest in our practices and procedures, a bulk more is invested in our People. Our Management team brings with it years of actual Industry expertise in the Car Rental sphere. Their teams comprise of over 289 trained professionals Motivated, reliant individuals with years of on-field experience and strong customer support traits.

Transparent and High Quality Corporate Governance,

At Fiesta, we represent a culture devoted to Service, Customer Support and International standards in self-governance. We treat our people as valued resources whose motivation levels spell greater levels of achievement for the company. Thus, we strictly adhere to a Transparent and High Quality Corporate Governance structure that is easily accessible to both, our employees and customers.

Latest IT integration- Contemporary Software,Mobile Application - MAPP

At Fiesta, we heavily rely on the latest technology to keep our World spinning and deliver the ‘best in Class’ services. We utilise the most latest technological tools, very contemporary Software and the coolest gizmos to enlist, manage, track and successfully execute our professional tasks.

A Strong Financial Background,

With an annual turnover of around INR 100 Crore, we have a strong backing from our Bankers and Investors. This strong setup allows us to grow further and invest uncompromisingly on future ventures and quality upgrades.

Operational Advantages,

We take our Customers’ comfort very seriously and endeavor to provide the best value for their investment. Operationally, we offer a range of advantages that distinguishes us from the pack :

  • Our fleet includes a wide selection of vehicle models, selected carefully to meet the demanding needs of our customers across business uses and leisure. The vehicle makes available with us include Ford Fiesta, Toyota Innova, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Mercedes Benz-EClass and S-Class, BMW-5Series, BMW-7 Series etc.
  • All our cars are comprehensively insured.
  • Accessories in our premium segment cars include Magazine, Newspaper, Tissue Papers, Torch light, Umbrella, Mineral water, First Aid Kit and professionally attired chauffeurs.
  • All our chauffeurs are at a minimum 10+2 qualified and conversant in English. They are trained in defensive driving,customer service and basic first aid treatment. They are equipped with mobile phones for easy and effective communication.
  • Our offices are open 24 Hrs a day and 7 days a week. We look forward to your calls at any time, during the day or night to avail our services.

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