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Bus Transport Service

As a leading Staff transport service provider, with a credible reputation for quality service and reliability, it was but natural that Fiesta branched into the mass transit segment. Our private-for hire buses find maximum usage in the spheres of Staff transport and other chartered bus services including ferrying school children, marriage party or for private trips and tours.

Fiesta takes its responsibility as a Transporter seriously. Thus, we have the following infrastructure and precautions in place,

High on Safety

Our Buses are subject to routine maintenance and comply with all the safety requirements. We believe that your safety is our utmost priority.

We Believe in Schedules

Punctuality is the first law of efficiency.Our services are designed to mold according to your express requirements- your time and schedule considerations. 


The latest in transport technology is part of our service. Our drivers are constantly in touch with our support team to ensure minimal loss of time in case of any unforeseen eventuality.   

Experienced Staff

We hire the most experienced, reliable and well trained drivers. Alongside is a dedicated support team that ensures that each customer is served a solution that matches their requirement. 

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